Care Alert

Care Alert's mobile app on a smartphone

Personal alarms are proven to help those at risk of a fall or medical emergency. Nevertheless, some elderly people are reluctant to use them, and this can cause families a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Care Alert is very different to traditional monitoring systems and doesn’t use wearables or personal alarms. Instead, it uses an array of high-tech motion detectors to monitor your loved one’s home, so both of you can get on with life, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted right away if anything happens.

If you have an elderly relative who needs assistance but isn’t ready to wear a personal alarm, get in touch. We are trusted by thousands of families to keep their loved ones safe.



Door activity

Leaving home

Instant notifications

How it works

Discreet motion sensors

Gran has left the front door open. Mum is still in bed. Dad has been in the bathroom for a very long time. SECOM Care Alert monitors activity in your loved one’s home and lets you know straight away if anything concerning is going on.

As well as being a great care solution, SECOM Care Alert also acts as an intruder alarm and can be configured to notify the police if anyone breaks in to your loved one’s home.

Discreet motion sensors
Wireless door sensors

Wireless door sensors

Our sensors fit easily onto most doors, windows and cupboards, without the need for wires, so you won’t even know they’re there. If a door is left open, or has been closed for a long time, you’ll get a notification letting you know something isn’t right.

Instant notifications to your phone

With the corresponding Care Alert app, if something out of the ordinary is detected, you’ll be sent a notification immediately. So if anything happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Care Alert's mobile app on a smartphone
Care alert hub system

Care Alert Hub

The Care Alert Hub is at the core of the setup – always monitoring and ensuring everything is as it should be. If you ever have a problem, all you have to do is contact the SECOM CareTech team, and one of our highly trained engineers will be over to resolve the issue.

Round-the-clock monitoring

The Care Alert system comes with 24/7 monitoring, which means if you’re ever unavailable during an emergency, our resolution team will step in and offer your loved one the support they need.

Hassle-free installation by SECOM Experts

With Care Alert, you don’t have to worry about installation or setup – we do it all for you. Our elite team will fit discreet wireless sensors throughout your home, as well as the central control hub, ensuring that it’s all working properly. All you have to do if focus on your loved one’s wellbeing.

A state-of-the-art security system

As well as being a great care solution, SECOM Care Alert also acts as an intruder detection system. Our consultants can configure your device to notify the police in the event of a confirmed alarm activation from your loved one’s home.

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