A Care Alert package with sensors and magnetic contacts

Care Alert is a smart home monitoring system that allows you to monitor your relative’s welfare remotely. The system works by monitoring movement, door activity and changes in temperature.

If there is any unusual behaviour in your loved one’s home, such as an extended period of inactivity, the system will send a notification straight to your smartphone so you can call your relative to make sure they’re okay.

The Care Alert system is accredited by the National Security Inspectorate and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are ever unavailable during an emergency, we will intervene immediately to provide practical support and reassurance.

How it works

Discreet motion sensors

Each Care Alert system includes a minimum of three motion sensors and one magnetic contact. These monitor activity in your loved one’s home and let you know straight away if anything concerning occurs.

As well as being a great care solution, SECOM Care Alert also acts as an intruder alarm and can be configured to notify the police if anyone breaks in to your relative’s home.

Discreet motion sensors
Care Alert magnetic contacts in a white circle

Wireless magnetic contacts

Our wireless magnetic contacts come in white, brown, black or anthracite. They fit easily onto most doors and windows, including uPVC window frames, and can be used to monitor medicine cabinets, cupboards and fridges.

Keeping track of fridges and medicine cabinets takes the guesswork out of knowing if your loved one has eaten or taken their medication.

Care Alert control panel

The control panel is at the core of the setup. It processes data from your monitoring devices and sends the information to our in-house monitoring centre and app.

We respect your privacy at SECOM CareTech. The Care Alert system doesn’t use cameras or microphones, and the control panel uses a high security two-way encryption protocol to transfer data between devices.

A Care Alert control panel in a white circle
Care Alert's mobile app on a smartphone

Instant notifications on your smartphone

The Care Alert system works together with the SECOM Care app to keep you updated. With the app, you can monitor as much or as little as you like, setting alerts for specific events or inactivity.

Personal help button

The Care Alert system includes a help button that users can keep in their pocket or on their nightstand. To summon help, users press both buttons simultaneously.

Once activated, a distress signal is sent to our monitoring centre and the user’s emergency contacts via the SECOM Care app. After attempting to call you, we will work with your family and the emergency services to resolve the situation.

A SECOM help button in a white circle
A SECOM bell box in a white circle

High-impact external sounder

The system comes with an external sounder. The sounder is usually fitted in a prominent position to warn would-be intruders that the building is protected by a SECOM alarm.

The sounder has a 109-decibel output and features a long-life LED strobe. The sounder and strobe operate for four minutes following an alarm activation.

Round-the-clock monitoring

The Care Alert system comes with 24/7 monitoring, which means if you’re ever unavailable during an emergency, our resolution team will step in and offer your loved one the support they need.

Our expert monitoring team is trained to deal with anything from slips, trip and falls to medical emergencies and intruders.

A smiling SECOM monitoring centre operative

Care Alert Prices

A Care Alert package with sensors and magnetic contacts

4-sensor package

The Care Alert introductory package includes:

●  A property inspection and consultation
●  Installation and setup
●  1 year’s monitoring and maintenance
●  1 wireless control panel
●  3 motion sensors
●  1 magnetic contact
●  1 help button
●  1 external sounder
●  Multiple SECOM Care apps

from £879.40

The Care Alert system is flexible and can be tailored to suit your family’s needs and the layout of your property. Speak with one of our customer care team to find out more about how we can adapt the Care Alert system to suit your particular needs.

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