How it works

The Care Go is a discreet personal safety device. It can be used anytime, anywhere and features location tracking and fall detection technology so no matter where you are – whether at home or walking to the shops – you are covered every step of the way.

If you are in distress, feel unwell or suffer a fall, you can use the alarm to speak to a member of our 24-hour monitoring team. We will assess the situation and call your contacts or the emergency services if you require further assistance.

Our fully accredited monitoring centre is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can deal with anything from slips, trips and falls to medical emergencies, intruders and fires.

Care Go Features

The Care Go pendant features built-in location tracking, a handsfree speakerphone and comes with its own wireless charging station. It lasts for up to a month on a single charge and can be worn 24 hours a day, including in the bath or shower.

The Care Go is easy to use and connects to a hypoallergenic stainless steel necklace and keyring. When worn around your neck, it can detect serious impacts and automatically call for help if you fall over.

Around the edge of the pendant is a unique light ring encasement that glows whenever the battery is low. This ensures you always know when to recharge your alarm. The pendant also plays confirmation messages at each stage of the alarm activation process.

To call for help, wearers need only press and hold the panic buttons on the device. If you need us to send for help, we will use the pendant’s GPS functionality to find your location and pass it on to loved ones or the emergency services.

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      • Wearable and discreet
      • Waterproof
      • Fall detection
      • Geolocation
      • Two-way emergency communication
      • Can be used anytime, anywhere
      • Future-proof – click here to learn more about the future of telecare


Care Go pendant alarm and key fob personal alarm

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Care Go Prices

Care Go is a rental service, which means you only have to pay for renting your equipment. This keeps the initial cost of signing up down and means you don’t have to worry about replacing your device – if anything breaks or wears over time, we’ll replace it free of charge!

If you or the person you’re buying for is registered disabled or has a long-term health condition that requires regular medical care, you may be entitled to VAT relief.  Click here to learn more about your entitlement or give our customer care team a call. They are always happy to answer your questions and make sure you are paying the lowest price.

There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) that covers the delivery and registration of your device.

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If you would like to learn more about Care Go or one of our other telecare services, call us on 0800 012 1385 or request a callback using the form below.