If you are at risk of falling, feel more confident living on your own with a fall detector from SECOM CareTech. Fall sensors automatically raise an alarm in the event of a fall, ensuring you receive help even if you don’t press the button on your personal alarm.

How do fall detector alarms work?

Fall alarms for the elderly are small and lightweight. They are a fantastic option for those who are prone to falling or have suffered a fall in the past.

Fall detectors monitor for sudden changes in direction and speed to detect falls. If you suffer a fall while wearing your device, it will automatically alert our 24/7 monitoring centre so we can notify your family and the emergency services.

Each pendant alarm features a small button on the face of the device. Users can press this button to send an alarm call in the event of a non-fall emergency such as feeling unwell.

Pearl Advanced and Care Hub base unit

Care Hub Plus alarm unit

Care Hub base unit

The Care Hub Plus alarm unit is a unique telecare system. The voice-guided installation process is simple to follow and allows you to install the device without the need for a technician.

The base unit connects to our 24/7 monitoring centre without the need for a telephone socket. In the event of an emergency, it will send alerts to friends and family and our 24-hour response team.


Care Hub Plus fall alarm

The Care Hub Plus package comes with an advanced pendant alarm with fall detection technology. It has a simple, discreet design and can be worn in the bath or shower thanks to its airtight, hot waterproof casing.

If the alarm detects a fall or the wearer presses the personal help button, it sends an alert to the base unit, notifying our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) that you require assistance.

In addition to fall detection, the Care Hub Plus fall alarm comes with a built-in inactivity sensor that raises an alarm if the wearer doesn’t move for a predetermined length of time.

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Key features

No Charging – Our fall detector alarm has a battery life of two years. When the battery runs low, the device automatically sends us a low-battery warning so we can send you a free replacement in a timely manner.

300m signal range – With a 300m signal range as standard, the Care Hub Plus fall alarm system allows you to call for help at the press of a button from anywhere in your home or garden.

70-hour backup battery – Inside the base unit is a powerful 70-hour backup battery that powers the alarm during power cuts.


Care Hub Plus is a rental service, which means you only have to pay for renting your equipment. This keeps the initial cost of signing up down and means you don’t have to worry about replacing your device – if anything breaks or wears over time, we’ll replace it free of charge!

If you or the person you’re buying for is registered disabled or has a long-term health condition that requires regular medical care, you may qualify for VAT exemption. Click here to learn more about VAT relief or give our customer care team a call. They are always happy to answer your questions and make sure you are paying the lowest price.

There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) that covers the delivery and registration of your device.

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