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SECOM Smart Wellness is the suite of independent living solutions you need to ensure your loved one can stay in their own home safely for as long as possible. As an alternative to a traditional personal alarm, Smart Wellness doesn’t rely on wearables, but does offer you the same level of peace of mind.

Monitoring independent living can often be seen as intrusive, but not with SECOM Smart Wellness. This innovative home care solution works to build up a picture of the normal home environment and daily routines, alerting carers should behaviour patterns start to alter – often a sign of a change in overall health. Discreet sensors will not interfere with the day-to-day life of your loved one.

Integrated technology for 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Key features of SECOM Smart Wellness:

  • Notification if the individual hasn’t got out of bed at their usual time
  • Security alert when the front door is left open
  • Warning if a cabinet hasn’t been accessed to take medication
  • Set your own notifications to monitor what matters
  • Instant access to real-time data on the smart app
  • View activity and trends in the Wellness platform
  • Monitors routines and alerts carers to unusual activity
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secom smart wellness notifications

Notifications sent directly to your smart device

Independent living aids represent a cost-effective way to check in on your elderly relatives without invading their privacy. With notifications sent directly to your device in real time, you can intervene in a situation before it becomes an emergency.

SECOM support

Installation and support is provided by SECOM, one of the most well-established security companies in the UK. Our customer care team will be on hand to support you in the installation and upkeep of our industry-leading technology that is at the forefront of elderly care in the home.

Start your journey to ultimate peace of mind with SECOM Smart Wellness today.

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